Saturday, December 3, 2011

Broken Heart Syndrome

No. I didn't make this syndrome up; it's real. There has been a study on why women deal with heartbreak worse than men. It's pretty obvious women deal with heartbreak worse, but these researchers wanted to know why and by how much. The article was posted on time's website. In a summary, it says that Broken Heart Syndrome is similar to a heart attack (swelling of the heart, shortness of breath, etc.) but the reasons for a heart attack aren't there (clogged artery, etc.) so a heart attack doesn't occur. Regardless, it isn't healthy for a heart. So next time someone blames you for trying to not get your heart broken just say that you are practicing a healthy lifestyle ;). How do you get over a heartbreak? Apparently the old tale is true: TIME. So ladies, next time you experience heart break just give it some time, research proves it heals the heart =).

Here is the full article.

Why Women Are More Vulnerable To Heart Break

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